What we believe

Baptist and Brethren churches are Protestant: With the churches of the Reformation they proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour of the world who justifies human beings before God solely by grace and through their faith. The Bible is the standard for teaching and life of the believers.

The BEFG is a community of Christians baptized as believers. The congregations baptize those who based on their personal faith ask for baptism and church membership. The name Baptists comes from the Greek word for “immerse”, which characterizes their practice of baptism.

From the New Testament Baptist and Brethren congregations draw the conclusion that faith should be lived in freedom. They defend religious freedom for everybody and promote a strict separation of state and church. The BEFG and its congregations are funded only by voluntary donations and do not receive church tax.

„But we proclaim ... religious freedom ... in fully equal measure for everyone, be they Christians, Jews, Mohammedans or whatever.“
Julius Köbner, hymn writer, one of the founding fathers of the German Baptist movement, 1848

Johann Gerhard Oncken pointed out: „Every Baptist a missionary!“ Baptist and Brethren congregations practise the Protestant principle of the „priesthood of all believers“. The God of the Bible speaks directly to all believers. The interpretation of biblical texts and the proclamation of faith are a mandate for all Christians. Not only pastors preach, baptize or administer the Lord’s Supper.