Design: Andreas Kutter

Reformation - #therewego!

An exhibition for the Reformation anniversary 2017

The German Baptist Union has prepared an exhibition for the Reformation anniversary with an English translation. Anglophone churches and initiatives in Germany and the European Baptist Federation can order this English version of the exhibition.


The exhibition presents the history and global impact of the Reformation in its diversity including the Anabaptist and free church traditions, thus allowing a new and surprising perspective. It deals with the message, the theology and also the relevance of the Reformation.

The exhibition strengthens the awareness in our congregations, that we as a “free church” - despite the problematic experiences through history - are still part of the Reformation and contribute to its meaning in our world.

Layout of the exhibition

The exhibition combines serious information with attractive design. It intends to widen the historical understanding of the viewer as much as to make him reflect personally on the Christian faith.

It contains of eight roll-ups with one specific topic each, presented with explanations, Bible references, quotes from historical and contemporary witnesses. At some points it encourages personal reflection or interaction and written response.

The exhibition team

The idea for this exhibition came from the regional mission department in Northwest Germany. Concept development, text authorship and exhibition presentation by Prof. Dr. Andrea Strübind, Carsten Hokema and Friedrich Schneider (Oldenburg).

Local adaptation possible

The final roll-up in the exhibition can be produced by the church or region that buys and uses the exhibition. The church provides information, texts and pictures that are then adapted into the overall design of the exhibition before the specific print is produced.

How to use the exhibition

This exhibition allows the churches to make its own contribution to the many events during the Reformation anniversary. It is of special value for ecumenical events. It can be presented in the church as well as in public locations like schools or town halls.

End of 2016 we will publish an exhibition booklet, unfortunately only in German, containing material for church services and other events, including additional information about specific questions, material for children and youth programs, and many ideas for using the exhibition.

Extension of the exhibition

As an extension to the exhibition, a ninth roll-up can be added presenting the story of Martin Luther King and his connection to the Reformation.


Version 1

Exhibition with 8 roll-ups and an individually designed local roll-up

725 € plus Transport

Version 2

Like version 1 plus the additional roll-up „Martin Luther King“

825 € plus Transport

Preview for 3 of the roll-ups

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To order the exhibition, please contact mission(at)

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